Intra-Company Transfers for IT Workers

Intra-Company Transfers for IT Workers

When a Canadian company has a qualifying connection to a foreign company, very often a facilitated work permit option is available. This is called an intra-company transfer and it is a type of work permit for which only certain positions and certain types of companies are eligible.

General information about this exceptional work permit can be found here.

This type of work permit is particularly advantageous and is often employed in this domain due to the nature of the IT field, where it is very commonplace for IT companies to have branches or divisions in many different parts of the world.

The language of technology is universal as such cultural differences are rarely problematic in terms of cohesion and coordination among workers with different backgrounds. As a result, variations in ideas, customs and social behavior are not impediments to establishing satellite locations around the world, regardless of the company’s country of origin.

Foreign IT workers can take advantage of this facilitated option for which they may be eligible if the company who employs them abroad has a Canadian branch, affiliate, subsidiary, or parent company. If so, foreign IT workers may be eligible to apply for an intra-company transfer work permit, which is exempt from the prerequisite of obtaining for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Eligibility for a LMIA exempt work permit dramatically increases the likelihood of obtaining Canadian work authorization, as it relieves the Canadian employer from having to demonstrate a labour market shortage for the job that will be performed by the foreign IT worker.

Recruiting through the Intra-Company Transfer Program

To find out if you or your business is eligible to transfer foreign IT workers to work in Canada through this program, please complete this short form to submit your work permit query directly to our specialists. We will respond with an evaluation of your needs.

Please describe the nature of work to be performed by the foreign worker in Canada, and also include information about the foreign worker (e.g. qualifications, nationality)